English to Indonesian Python 3 Dictionary [Version-1.3]

Dictionary with Learning Utilities & Usage in the Same Python 3 Dictionary Structrure.

This version 1.3 is a significant upgrade with 208 entries. Now the menu program can access everything. Additionally, the same dictionary structure is used for storing ‘usages’. New usages can also be added by the user.

One may download these programs, and use, modify and distribute them as one pleases.

These programs are written in Python 3. The programs will be useful for those interested in learning how to develop a Python 3 Dictionary application.

The dictionary is in English –>> Indonesian format. The program can be used by those who are learning Indonesian at a beginner’s level. The Learning Dictionary can complement learning Bhasa Indonesia through the popular language learning program e.g. Duolingo.

The following table shows an example of the Python 3 dictionary structure including the usage, which is put in the same structure.

English/Indonesian (Keys)Indonesian/Usage (Values)Comments
book price-key, harga-valuebukubook-key,
isaya, aku i-key, saya-value1,
bukusaya suka buku –
[i love books]

One only needs to use the menu_program.py to access everything in this Multi-featured Learning Dictionary.


  • All files should be put in the same directory.
  • Readme – which is this file giving you the explanations.
  • You need Python 3 program and Python Idle to run the Menu Program.
  • mypickle.pikle – folder containing the binary dictionary file (only machine readable).
  • The present version 1.3 is populated with 208 entries.
  • This program can be accessed by the accompanying menu_program.py, which drives all the utilities.
  • The following options are availble in the menu program as shown below:

The menu program has the following options:

  1. Start your Indonesian Vocabulary practice here
  2. Continue to the next word – avoid this option when starting
  3. Translate an English Word [existing in Dictionary] to Indonesian
  4. Translate an Indonesian Word [existing in Dictionary] to English
  5. View the tabulated English-Indonesian Dictionary …need to double-click to see the Squeezed Tabulation
  6. Update Dictionary with new entries – [English – Indonesian] or Usage [Indonesian – Usage]
  7. Update Dictionary with multiple values of Indonesian words for an English word
  8. Delete an entry from the English-Indonesian Dictionary
  9. Print numbers 1-21 English–>Indonesian
  10. Exit the program. Show your score and where (index) you stopped.

These programs have the following learning points in Python 3:

How to serialize and de-serialize a Python dictionary using ‘pickle’ – which is the storage and retrieval of machine-readable data?
How to create a menu in Python and accept user inputs with error mqnagement?
How to use while-loop to branch actions as per user options?
How to use a flag to detect the path of the program flow?
How to make a quiz from a large python dictionary and keep track of user’s progress?
How to provide translation of English words as per user’s requirements?
How to provide a tabulated dictionary for scrolling through.
How to provide facility for updating data in a python dictionary?
How to delete a dictionary entry?
How to provide ‘multiple values’ for a ‘key’ in a python dictionary?
How to show specific key-value pairs and present them in a table?
How to keep a score for a user while doing the vocabulary quiz?

List of Files:

TabulatedEnglishIndonesianDictionary.py – Program for tabulated output

idlecolors.py – Program for coloured outputs [only works on Idle IDE]

menu_program.py – Main program for accessing the Learning Dictionary

mypickle.pickle – File storing the dictionary data in machine-readable format also includes the usage entries

README.md – this file

All the above files can be accessed from here: Link to Files

If you have any questions, please write to me at kalyan.chatterjea@yahoo.com.sg
Thanks for using these programs.

Kalyan Chatterjea
Wednesday, 27th April 2022

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